We are premier stockiest and exclusive distributor of Mexico based Walworth Industrial Valves

ValveTech LLC – Dubai which has been a premier stockiest and exclusive distributor of Mexico based Walworth Industrial Valves in Middle East / CIS / Africa region.

Founded in 1842, WALWORTH has dedicated itself to the design and manufacture of an array of valves for fluid control. WALWORTH satisfy varied industry and customer requirements by adhering to the highest quality standards.

Walworth is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial valves in the world. Walworth has developed an extensive range product in order to satisfy the different needs of the world valve market, including Gate, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Floating & Trunnion Mounted Ball, Plug, Safety and Relief, Pressure Seal and Slab Gate valves in materials such as Cast and Forged Steel, Iron, Bronze, special alloys with different trims and any requirement that have been requested by our customers.

Walworth has been certified under strict international standards such as API, ANSI, ASME, ASTM, MSS, NACE, AWWA, BSI, CSA and ISO-9001:2008, among others. WALWORTH valves have been successfully used by many IOCs like Exxon Mobil, Shell Global Solutions, Chevron Energy, Conoco Philips, Marathon Petroleum, Sabic, Sipchem, Tatweer, KNPC, Oxy, ENOC, Dubai Petroleum, Takreer, Fertil, Adgas, to name a few.

In addition, WALWORTH has been granted the right by API (American Petroleum Institute) to use the official API monogram on its products manufactured to API Specification 6A and API Specification 6D.

The experience accumulated on this long and successful journey, combined with a spirit of constant innovation, allows us to provide satisfactory solutions to a wide range of industries and end users, meeting and exceeding the strictest quality standards. Some of these industries are petrochemical, gas, oil, electric power generation, pulp and paper processing, companies related to geothermal and cryogenic technologies, among others.

In our history, we have produced more than 40,000 different products, placing us as a global corporation serving different markets. WALWORTH® has facilities in Mexico, USA, and China for the manufacturing of valve lines in a complete flow of operations: Raw material warehouses, different types of machining, welding processes such as SMAW, GMAW, SAW, PAW, assembly, testing, painting process, packaging and shipping.

In our facilities in the State of Mexico, we have a testing laboratory for design validation, including: tests for low and high temperature service, cryogenic tests, fire test, fugitive emission and magnet tests.

All this infrastructure allows us to satisfy the market of North America, Central America, South America, Europe and Africa, and, with our master distributors we have reached countries as far away as Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, as well as the Middle East and Far East.