Premier Stockiest and Supplier of Butterfly Valves in Dubai

Valvetech LLC is a premier stockiest, manufacturer and supplier of Butterfly Valves in Dubai, UAE. We are exclusive distributor of Mexico based Walworth Industrial Valves in Middle East / CIS / Africa region. Valvetech LLC as the name suggests was predominantly formed for the purpose of catering to the demands of the Oil & Gas Industry of the Middle East and Africa regions. Our focus industry segments are Oil & Gas (upstream & downstream), Petrochemicals, Power, Water, Marine and Metals.

Butterfly valves comply with API 609/AWWA C-504 standard. This type of valve with soft rubber seats is used in the water treatment industries valves can be used for throttling as well as open/close applications. The main features are a leak proof hermetic seal, easy installation and operation at the maximum differential pressure, Valves can be offered in concentric, Double & triple offset design based on the customer requirement ( Zero leakage triple offset designs).


Design Features

• Uninterrupted seal along the 360° of the disc.

• Wafer, Lug or Slotted ends style.

• Manual operation by lever, gear operator or automated.

• Other interiors available at the request of the client.

• Soft seals can be EPDM, neoprene or NBR.

• Pressure tests according to API-598.


Advantages and Features of Butterfly Valves

The butterfly valve derives its name from the wing-like action of the disc which operates at right angles to the flow. Its main advantage is a seating surface which is not critical. It is designed for flow isolation. The disc impinges against a resilient liner to provide bubble tightness with low operating torque. Compact and with a simple construction, butterfly valves facilitate easy pipe arrangement. Due to disc, they have slightly reduced flow characteristics.

The valves are quick acting, good regulating characteristics, compact & light, low pressure isolation. Butterfly valves are simple, reliable and range in size from 40mm to 1000mm and beyond. They can be controlled by a notched lever, hand-wheel as well as by pneumatic or electric actuator. A shaft turns a disc 90º within a pipe. The disc angle within the pipe can provide a restriction varying from drip-tight through to almost full flow (except very small sizes).


Butterfly Valve Body Types

There are five main styles of butterfly valve body types, flanged, wafer, fully lugged, groove coupling, and hygienic.

Double flanged butterfly valves

Double flanged butterfly valves have a full flange at each side for ease of mounting in adjoining flanged pipework.

Wafer pattern

Wafer pattern where the butterfly valve sandwich mounts between flanges and securing bolts pass through both flanges to grip the valve between the flanges. The wafer body can have elongated lugs that assist with alignment, but these lugs are through-hole and are not threaded.

Fully lugged

Fully lugged where the body has a full set of threaded lugs that perfectly match the mating flange, and the butterfly valve is secured by bolts from either side, screwed into the valve body.

Groove coupling

Groove coupling bodies have an extended body in the form of a grooved pipe each side that mate with similarly grooved adjoining pipes, connected with a groove style coupling.


Hygienic butterfly valves have a variety of end connections that, apart from a butt welded version, allow fast disassembly and reassembly for wash-down purposes. These are typically a clamp style, or threaded union connection.


Operations of Butterfly Valve - Hand Operators and Actuators

Butterfly valves are either operated by hand making them manually operated, or by a valve actuator which makes them automatic.

  1. Hand operators are either a hand lever, or a hand-wheel operated gearbox.
  2. Actuators are either electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.
Specification Details
Design Standards API 609, AWWA
Material Grades A126 CI, WCA, WCB, WCC LCB, LCC, CF8, CF8M, CF8C, CF10, CG8M, CE8MN, CD6MN, CD3MN, 6A. Aluminum Bronze like 95500, 95600, 9580
Sizes 2” to 120"
Pressure Class 125# to 300#
Ends Wafer, Lugged, Doubled Flange RF
Special Features Concentric, Double & Triple Offset