Premier Stockiest and Supplier of Cast Steel Gate, Globe And Check Valves in Dubai

Valvetech LLC is a premier stockiest, manufacturer and supplier of Cast Steel Gate, Globe And Check Valves in Dubai, UAE. We are exclusive distributor of Mexico based Walworth Industrial Valves in Middle East / CIS / Africa region. Valvetech LLC as the name suggests was predominantly formed for the purpose of catering to the demands of the Oil & Gas Industry of the Middle East and Africa regions. Our focus industry segments are Oil & Gas (upstream & downstream), Petrochemicals, Power, Water, Marine and Metals.

Gate, Globe and Check Valves are the primary product manufactured in accordance with ANSI classes, provides the end user a wide variety of valves to satisfy their needs.This product line is manufactured as per API-600 design requirements for gate valves; API-623 for globe valves and API-6D & API-594 for swing check valves. One of the most important features of Cast Steel Valves is its guarantee to meet and exceed 50 ppm maximum low fugitive emissions leakage rate as furnished “off the shell” without a Customer’s special order requirement.


Design Features and Manufacturing Range

• Gate Valve designed according to API-600, API 603.

• Solid gate.

• Globe and Check Valves designed according to ASME B16.34.

• Flange dimensions according to ASME B16.5.

• Gate and globe valves for cryogenic services, with gas column according to the BS-6364 standard.

• By Pass, Flashlight bushing, Condensate Chamber, Grease injectors, special connections according to the BS-6364 standard.

• Hand-wheel, chain operator, electric actuator, pneumatic and special connections, etc.

• Control for low fugitive emissions.

• NACE Service MR0175 / ISO 15756 and MR0103 / ISO 17945.

• Pressure tests according to API 598.


Applications and Uses

Valvetech distributes a wide variety of Cast Steel valves, Cast Steel Gate, Cast Steel Globe, and Cast Steel Check Valves in Dubai. Our cast-steel gate, globe, and check valves surpass all industry performance necessities. These cast steel valves are ideal for the downstream market. The gates, globes, and checks all possess raised-flange, ring-type joint, and butt-weld ends as connection options.


Valvetech valves features leading-edge design, engineering, and manufacturing technology. Our valves meet the most stringent national and international standards for fugitive emissions.


Our gate, globe, and check valves are widely used in many industries including: Upstream and midstream industries: Offshore production platforms, ship-building; Process industries: oil, chemical, petrochemical, refining, pharmaceutical, mining, water treatment; Power industries: nuclear plants, renewable and district heating.


Gate Valves

Gate valves are used as shut off valves in many industries. They are beneficial when minimum pressure drop and bi-directional shut off service is required. Commonly used in industrial piping for stop or isolating to turn on and shut off the flow as opposed to regulating flow. Gate valves are named from the gate-like disc which operates at a right angle to the path of the flow. Gate valves are general service valves that can be made in a broad spectrum of sizes using a variety of different materials.


Globe Valves

Globe valve is named after is globular body. Compared to gate valves, globe valves are designed to open and close more quickly. Their flow characteristics can be changed by re-configuring their discs. The flow path through globe valves follows a changing course, thereby causing increased resistance to flow and considerable pressure drop. Because of the seating arrangements, globe valves are the most suitable for throttling flow, however avoid extremely close throttling when the repeatable pressure drop exceeds


Check Valves

Sometimes referred to as a non-return valve, the check valve prevents back-flow in the piping by constantly keeping fluid flowing in one direction. Check valves operate automatically. Some
piston/disc check valves are spring loaded for fast operation, (minimum cracking pressure should be specified). Vertical downwards flow requires a spring loaded check valve.


Specification Details
Design Standards API 600, API 6D, ASME B16.34, API 603
Material Grades WCA, WCB, WCC LCB, LCC, WC1, WC5, WC6, WC9, LC2, LC3 C5, C12, C12A, CF8, CF8M, CF8C, CF10, CG8M, CE8MN, CD6MN, CD3MN, Monel M30C, Monel M35-1, Monel CZ100, Inconel CY40 (Inconel 600), CW2M (Hastelloy C4), N12MV (Hastelloy B), CW12MW (Former Hastelloy C-276), CW6M (New Hastelloy C-276), CU5MCuC (Incoloy 825), N7M (Hastelloy B2), CW6MC (Inconel 625), 7. Aluminum Bronze like 95500, 95600, 9580
Sizes 2” to 72"
Pressure Class 150# to 2500#
Ends RF, RTJ or BWE, (ASME B16.5, MSS-SP-44, B16.47)
Special features Low fugitive emissions control, NACE Service either MR-01-75 or MR-01-03,By-Pass, Lantern rings, grease injectors, Damper and Counterweights for Check valves, Chain-wheel, Gear operation, Electric, Pneumatic or Hydraulic Actuation as per Customer requirements.
Ball A105-ENP/SS316/SS316L