Premier Stockiest and Supplier of Pneumatic & Electrical Actuators in Dubai

Valvetech LLC is a premier stockiest, manufacturer and supplier of Pneumatic & Electrical Actuators in Dubai, UAE. We are exclusive distributor of Mexico based Walworth Industrial Valves in Middle East / CIS / Africa region. Valvetech LLC as the name suggests was predominantly formed for the purpose of catering to the demands of the Oil & Gas Industry of the Middle East and Africa regions. Our focus industry segments are Oil & Gas (upstream & downstream), Petrochemicals, Power, Water, Marine and Metals.

Valve actuator is the mechanism for opening and closing a valve through operated by actuators, using pneumatic, gas pressure, hydraulic pressure or electricity allow a valve to be adjusted remotely and rapid operation of large valves. Actuators may be the final elements of an automatic control loop which automatically regulates some flow, level or other process. Actuators may be only to open and close the valve, or may allow intermediate positioning; some valve actuators include switches or other ways to remotely indicate the position of the valve.

Specification Details
Design Standards Mfr Std
Material Grades Cast Iron (CI), Aluminium alloy, Forged steel
Torque Output 120,000 Nm spring return, 240,000 Nm Double acting
Ends RF, RTJ or BWE, (ASME B16.5, MSS-SP-44, B16.47)
Special features Pneumatic, Scotch Yoke, Rack and PinenHydraulic, and electric actuators, electric actuators.