Premier Stockiest and Supplier of Pressure Seal Cast Steel Valves in Dubai

Valvetech LLC is a premier stockiest, manufacturer and supplier of Pressure Seal Cast Steel Valves in Dubai, UAE. We are exclusive distributor of Mexico based Walworth Industrial Valves in Middle East / CIS / Africa region. Valvetech LLC as the name suggests was predominantly formed for the purpose of catering to the demands of the Oil & Gas Industry of the Middle East and Africa regions. Our focus industry segments are Oil & Gas (upstream & downstream), Petrochemicals, Power, Water, Marine and Metals.

Pressure seal valves are primarily used in power generations plants, coal, thermal, gas, nuclear power plant, steam power stations, Pressure seal valves are excellent in the following conditions such as high pressure, high temperature, steam, oxidizing.


Design Features

• Gate, globe, stop check, “Y” design globe, “Y” model stop check, swing-type Check, tilting disc check and lift check pressure seal valves according to ASME B16.34.

• Flexible gate or sliding parallel disc for gate valve.

• The operation mode varies according to the customers needs, since it can be operated by handwheel, impact-type handwheel, chain handwheel, gearbox, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator.

• Damper and counterweight for Check valves.

• Bypass, bushings, condensate chamber, grease injectors, connections, etc.

• Pressure tests according to API 598.


Pressure Seal Valves Applications and Uses

Pressure Seal Valves have been satisfying the high pressure, high temperature needs of Steam Generation Stations, Industrial / Chemical Processing Plants, Thermal Power Generating Plants and other processing facilities throughout the world. Our Pressure Seal Valves are not only characterized by outstanding performance, reliability and quality, they’re also known for their standard features normally optional in other brands. These high quality valves are successfully installed worldwide on applications requiring tight shutoff.


Gate valves

Cast steel pressure-seal gate valves are ideal for bidirectional flow and tight shutoff. Because of the flow characteristics of the wedge-to-seat design, gate valves should be operated in the full-open or full-closed position. Gate valves are used in applications requiring minimum pressure drop.


Globe valves

Cast steel pressure-seal globe valves are ideal for unidirectional, controlled flow. The flow characteristics of a globe valve are repeatable, consistent, and easy to control at various open positions, which makes them ideal for general flow regulation.

Specification Details
Design Standards ASME B16.34
Material Grades WCA, WCB, WCC LCB, LCC, WC1, WC5, WC6, WC9, LC2, LC3 C5, C12, C12A, CF8, CF8M, CF8C, CF10, CG8M, CE8MN, CD6MN, CD3MN, Monel M30C, Monel M35-1, Monel CZ100, Inconel CY40 (Inconel 600), CW2M (Hastelloy C4), N12MV (Hastelloy B), CW12MW (Former Hastelloy C-276), CW6M (New Hastelloy C-276), CU5MCuC (Incoloy 825), N7M (Hastelloy B2), CW6MC (Inconel 625),
Sizes 2” to 24"
Pressure Class 600 to 2500#
Ends RF, RTJ or BWE, (ASME B16.5, MSS-SP-44, B16.47)
Special features Pressure Seal valves Gate, Globe, Stop Check, Globe “Y” Pattern, Stop Check “Y”, Flexible wedge or Parallel Slide disc for Gate valve., By-Pass, Lantern rings, grease injectors, Extra deep stuffing box.